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Leah & the LowKeys at their launch party in August 2018

Leah & the LowKeys at their launch party in August 2018

Leah & The LowKeys

Their casual summer evening jam session was supposed to be discrete, but the only place with enough room for four people to set up and play at a Brooklyn apartment was on the deck. And as the dreamy rock song came to a close and the last notes rang out, neighbors shouted for more from their windows; passers-by took a seat on the nearest fire hydrant to stay for the next catchy tune; and people from the building next door peeked down from the roof and asked what the name of their band was. “I’m Leah, and these guys are … lowkey my band,” songwriter and frontwoman Leah Lavigne responded.


She had already developed a following from her multiple piano-based albums when she picked up the guitar to bring a new voice to the male dominated rock of yesteryear. Assembling her long-time drummer Matt Birkenholz, old high school friend Michael “Pomo” Pomorski (who had just moved to New York from their hometown of Detroit) on bass, along with guitarist Jase Hottenroth, Lavigne set out to transform her countless outpour of moody tunes into a lo-fi infused dream-rock band, complete with synthesizer in exchange for her piano. The driving pulse of her songs would no longer come from the low keys of the piano but from the hip-shaking rhythms of her band the LowKeys who accentuate her poetic works that illuminate the dark areas of our lives.


Pretty soon a deck full of new-found fans and friends assembled for a debut show and Leah and the LowKeys were born. They are currently exploring the range of their new found sound and working on their debut EP, to be released in late Fall. You can catch them rehearsing on Lavigne’s tiny deck (to the delight of their neighbors) and playing at venues around New York City.